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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight, also known as sea freight, is the transportation of goods via ocean vessels.

It is a major mode of international transportation, particularly for bulk cargo such as raw materials, commodities, and manufactured goods. Here are some key features of ocean freight: Cost-Effective: Ocean freight is often more cost-effective than air or road freight, especially for large or heavy cargo. Capacity: Ocean vessels can carry a large amount of cargo, making it an ideal mode of transportation for bulk shipments.

Transit Time: Ocean freight has a longer transit time compared to air or road freight, which can make it less suitable for time-sensitive shipments.
Flexibility: Ocean freight offers more flexibility in terms of the size and type of cargo that can be transported. Global Reach: Ocean freight provides access to a wide range of destinations around the world, including landlocked countries that are not accessible by air or road. Environmental Impact: Ocean freight has a lower carbon footprint compared to air or road freight, making it a more environmentally-friendly option. Documentation: Ocean freight requires extensive documentation, including bills of lading, customs clearance documents, and other export/import documents. Risk: Ocean freight can be subject to a variety of risks such as weather conditions, piracy, and damage or loss of cargo. Overall, ocean freight is a crucial mode of transportation for international trade, offering a cost-effective and flexible option for bulk shipments.

Whether you need door-to-door forwarding services by road, rail, or both, our land shipping solutions will get your shipments from everywhere to anywhere in North America

Intermodel Solutions

Intermodal solutions refer to the use of multiple modes of transportation, such as trucks, trains, ships, and planes, to move goods or cargo from one location to another. This approach involves the seamless integration of different transportation modes to optimize logistics and improve efficiency. For example, intermodal solutions may involve the use of trucks to move cargo from a factory to a nearby rail terminal, where the cargo is loaded onto a train for long-distance transportation, and then loaded onto trucks again for final delivery to its destination. Intermodal solutions can offer a range of benefits, such as reduced transportation costs, improved transit times, and increased flexibility. By combining different modes of transportation, companies can take advantage of the strengths of each mode while mitig

Part & Full Loads

A shipping agency that deals with part and full loads refers to a company that offers transportation services for both partial and full cargo loads. Here is an explanation of what these two terms mean: Part Loads: Also known as Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments, part loads refer to cargo that does not fill an entire shipping container or truck. In this case, the shipping agency consolidates several partial loads from different clients into one container or truck, which is more cost-effective than shipping each load separately. Part loads are suitable for small and medium-sized shipments that do not require an entire container or truck. Full Loads: Full loads, also known as Full Container Load (FCL) shipments, refer to cargo that fills an entire shipping container or truck. In this case, the shipping agency provides a dedicated container or truck for the client's cargo. Full loads are suitable for large shipments that require an entire container or truck.

Latest Technology

There are several latest technologies that are being used by shipping agencies to improve their operations and provide better services to their clients. Some of these technologies include: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) - Shipping agencies are using AI and ML to analyze large volumes of data and improve decision-making processes. These technologies can help predict vessel arrival times, optimize shipping routes, and improve cargo tracking. Blockchain - Blockchain technology can be used to create a secure and transparent system for managing and tracking shipping transactions. This can help reduce fraud, improve efficiency, and streamline the overall shipping process.

Going Beyond the Usual

With 50 branches situated in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Transland's property transport items and administrations furnish a ground cargo sending network with inventive, assisted start to finish inventory network arrangements associating the U.S., North America and the world. As a non-resource based organization, we give your business the broad and high thickness network it needs. Our ISO endorsed transporters and specialist organizations guarantee fast and dependable conveyance to all significant objections across the landmass. Get the contact you need to remain in front of the opposition with our scope of value land transport arrangements.

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"Agiletrans Logistics Services is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. We have offices in more than 20 countries and agents." - Transport Company

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Every supply chain is unique, and so are your business requirements. We understand it, which is why we are committed to being an integrator of end-to-end logistics services. This implies offering different solutions that can cater to your every individual supply chain need. Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with just a single partner, and make your supply chain work to your competitive advantage.

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